The Barnhart Multi-Band Multi-Mode Remote Base UHF Repeater

The Multi-Band Remote Base UHF Repeater System is a Vertex VXR-5000 Repeater connected to a Yaesu FT-857D transceiver. The interface controller is mounted inside the VXR-5000.
The FT-857D radio has 200 channels that the user can select from their radio using DTMF tones.
The VXR-5000 repeater is mounted at top.
The FT-857D is mounted next, and then the Astron 35 amp power supply for the FT-857D.
Then the antenna panel is mounted last. A Yaesu HF watt meter is mounted on the antenna connector panel, and a Yaesu HF watt meter for the 6 meter AM transmitter.
The repeater has battery backup, but the remote base will be down.

The Front side of the mounting rack. To the right is our 6 meter AM transmitter.

On the back side of the mounting rack, at the top, you can see the split RF pre-amps and small cavities feeding the Remote base repeater and the GRMS repeater. Also, on top of the repeater you can see the VHF/HF splitter feeding the FT-857D 2 meter input and the UHF repeater output feeding our Dual band antenna.

On the back side of the mounting rack, at the bottom, you can see the wet cell back-up batteries.
One battery backs up the Multi-Band Multi-Mode 443.725 repeater, and the other one backs up the GRMS repeater.

The 12 volt power connections on the GRMS repeater supplies the 6 meter link receiver, and the 6 meter AM transmitter. Both the UHF Vertex repeaters switch to 8 watts output on emergency power, and the FT-857D goes down, but the repeater stays on.