Club Station Call Sign


Our club is known as “The Ancient Modulators Club” or “AMC”.
We are also known as “The Ancient Modulators Amateur Radio Club” or “AMARC”.

Our club is located in the St. Louis, Missouri area. Most of our club members are from the South West County area, North Jefferson County, and as far out as Troy, MO and South to Potosi, MO.

…about our club name

Not to say we don’t have a lot of ancient, old foggy ham radio operators in our club, but our club name was derived from the term “Ancient Modulation”, which is ham radio slang, and was often used back in the sixties and seventies, when referring to “Amplitude Modulation” or the “AM” mode of voice radio transmissions.

Our amateur radio club is focused on having fun, and lots of rag chewing, as well as restoring and operating old “AM” tube radios.

One of our “club goals” is to promote more AM activity in our area on six meters, and on other bands. Our new six meter, “AM” repeater, is great place to operate some of the old radio gear from the fifties and sixties. Believe me, this is fun stuff to talk on, and these old radios can be purchased for very little now days. Also, some of these old six meter AM radios make a great restoration project. Of course, most of the modern 6 meter and 10 meter radios will also operate in AM mode with our club systems.

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