The Two Meter – UHF Dual Band Repeater

Our club’s 2 meter and UHF repeater system is located in High Ridge, MO. This repeater system receives at 146.325, and 449.550 mhz with a CTCSS decode frequency of 192.8 hz. It transmits at 146.925, and 444.550 mhz with a CTCSS encode tone of 192.8 hz.

The repeater cabinet consists of both of the 2 meter Vertex VXR-5000 repeater, and the UHF Vertex VXR-5000 repeater. The VHF and UHF power amplifiers and power supplies have been removed.

You can see the UHF receiver pre-amp and it’s output splitter. That RF splitter feeds 3 UHF Amateur repeater receivers. The Pre-amp is feed from a 4 channel splitter, with pre-amps, that feeds all the UHF receivers in the building.

The 2 meter Sinclair 4 cavity duplexer is in the next cabinet, and it is shared with the 6 meter AM receiver and it’s UHF repeater.

The 2 meter Sinclair 4 cavity duplexer back side.