Amateur Radio License Information

If you are not a licensed amateur radio operator, but you are interested in becoming one, you can get information on how to earn your license by contacting one of our club officers or members.
In order to obtain your license you will need to take the FCC examination from a ARRL authorized Volunteer Examiner.

  • The Technician class is the basic class. It requires a basic fundamental written test only, mostly rules.
  • The General class requires some advanced knowledge of radio theory.
  • The Amateur Extra class is the top dog. It requires an advanced knowledge of radio theory and is a written test only.

You must get the technicians license first. Then you can advance to the General license and then the Extra license.

The best resource for getting started to get your Amateur Radio License is the ARRL Getting Licensed page. There you will find more information about the license classes, question and answer pools, and practice exams.

When you are ready to take the exam, VE Testing can be found at most Hamfests and we also recommend the Cliff Cave VE Team.