The High Ridge Multi-Band Multi-Mode Remote Base UHF Repeater

The Multi-Band Remote Base UHF Repeater System is a Vertex VXR-5000 Repeater connected to a Yaesu FT-857D transceiver. The interface controller is mounted inside the VXR-5000. The FT-857D radio has 200 channels that the user can select from their radio using DTMF tones.
The Antenna Panel is mounted at top. Both the HF and VHF remote antenna cable connectors for the FT-857D are mounted on the front of the antenna panel for maintenance purposes.
A Yaesu HF watt meter is mounted on the antenna connector panel, and with room for a VHF/UHF meter should if ever be needed.
The FT-857D is mounted next, and then the VXR-5000 repeater, and then the Astron 35 amp power supply for the FT-857D.
The repeater has battery backup, but the remote base will be down.

The front of the cabinet.
The rear of the cabinet.