The AMARC Barnhart Tower was built in 2009 to support our 6 meter AM transmitter antenna.

Our Barnhart tower has our RCI-5054DX 50.500 AM repeater transmitter with our 6 meter Mirage A1015 160 RF Amplifier. It is fed by the Vertex FTL-7011 UHF radio link receiver.

We also have a Vertex VXR-5000 443.725 repeater here, with the Yaesu FT-857D Multi-Band, Multi-Mode Remote Base.

A view from top the Barnhart tower in 2009 Looking toward the North North East, Mississippi river can be seen.
The AMARC Barnhart Repeater Tower in 2010
The AMARC Barnhart Repeater Tower in 2013 Showing our new Multi-Band Antenna for 6, 10, 12, 17, and 20 Meters

Tower Construction

Paul Jr. diggin’ dirt
Lots of rebar, and the tower anchor arms in place.
Lots of Concrete, 92 bags, all hand mixed
First tower section completed
Sections to lift and bolt together
K0RWU on the tower, bolting in progress, 2 more sections to go.

Shed Construction

Construction of the shed started with leveling the ground, installing leveling blocks and building the flooring.
Shed without Doors.
Right Rear of the Shed
Rear of the Shed
Radio Equipment Shed Completed